Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sophia's First Ranger Game

Friday night, Sophia went to her first Ranger game. Russell and Sophia got invited to go by Russell's friend at work. It was a father/daughter date. Boy was it hot for them!  But I think Sophia enjoyed it!

Russell let Sophia take a few pics...the ones below.

Yep, Sophia got a hold of a pen and went to town on her leg earlier that day. We still can't get it completely off.

Here's Brandon and Reagan.

The guys took the girls to the upper deck, thinking it wouldn't be so loud. But it was still loud.

All Sophia really cared about was getting her ice cream! They didn't get home until 9:30. I was really surprised.
While they were at the game, I got to rent a movie, The Black Swan. Twisted movie! But nice to just sit back and relax.


Janelle's Little Blog said...

YAHOO!! Another Ranger fan!! :) Sophia is just adorable. I love that pic of her with the pouty lips...too cute!!

kristy said...

How fun! I love that his friend and daughter went, too! What a great memory!