Sunday, August 14, 2011

We Finally Made it.....

We finally made it to the Sea Life Aquarium at the Grapevine Mills Mall! YEA!!!!
We'd bought tickets yesterday, so we just walked right up in the short line. However! I must say that once inside, it was still very crowded and it was kind of small, enclosed, claustrophobic. I guess because I'd been to the Dallas Aquarium when Sophia was 1, I was comparing it to that. Which is probably not fair. But Sophia LOVED it! So that's all that matters right???

I'll go ahead and apologize for the quality of the pics right now. We weren't allowed to do any flash photography (they said it would scare the fish). So I did the best I could do with the flash off.

"It's a shark mom!!!"

"See!!! It's right there!!!!"

Sophia touched a barb from a sting ray.

At one of the tanks, they had this cool see through glass bottom so you see down inside the tank instead of just down below from the side.

They also had these cool tanks you could crawl underneath and into the middle of it.

They also had "the tunnel" like the Dallas World Aquarium.

But in this tunnel, it was also glass on the bottom. Kinda cool!

Jellyfish!!! I always think of Dory from Nemo when I see jelly fish.

Yep, my flash was definitely off and my 3 year old had a hard time standing still!

Here's the "Shark Walk" where you're walking over the top of the shark tank and looking down below through the glass on the floor. You could stand on the glass just fine, definitely sturdy, but Sophia still tip toed across the glass parts.

They also had tanks you could reach into and handle sea life. Sophia didn't really want to participate in this portion of the adventure.

But Russell did!

Sophia's favorite part was the sharks (so was mine). Russell's was the jellyfish and the sea horses.
On second thought, the aquarium itself is pretty cool. The crowds, the people, million people with strollers (us included), and the mall traffic made it less fun. If you can find a day when it will be less crowded, you should go, but I'd also hunt for coupons or something. I think it was $50 for the 3 of us.
That's all folks! Gotta get ready for my first full week back!

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Anonymous said...

This place looks fantastic! I think my favorite shots are the one of Sophia and Russell in the bubble things. Very fun!