Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy Week

It's been one busy week over here in the Kaminski household. So sorry for not posting but I don't really have that many pics to post. So I'll just give you a brief summary of the week.

Monday- Sophia went to school and it was pajama day (one of her favorite things at school). I stayed home and finished up my tea towels for my Etsy shop. 

Tues.- Sophia and I went on her field trip to Leapin' Lizards (an indoor bounce house thing). After that we came home and napped and then went to her dance class at 6.

Wed.- Sophia went to school and had Splash Day. I stayed home and sewed pillow covers for my Etsy shop. 

Thurs.- We went to Sophia's gymnastics and to CiCi's pizza. Then back to nap.

Fri.- Sophia went to school and then after school, we went to a birthday party at the Hurst Aquatic park (for her friend Jane). And Sophia had her first snow cone. She loved it but gave up half way through it. Unfortunately the party got cut short because of the rain. But it was a great party. It was good to see Sophia go up all the water play scape stuff by herself, with me just watching from the sidelines. And she even went down one of the big slides and all of the small ones.

Sat.- We had a birthday party at 10:30 and then came home for naps.

And tomorrow....I'm sure Russell will be doing yard work and I'll be making something. And Sophia will probably be raiding my sticker stash. 

As you may have noticed, naps are an essential part of the Kaminski household. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of fun going on in your world! Hooray for summer vacation!

Dina said...

Naps are essential around here too! And I can't believe Sophia just had her first snow cone! I hope it's the first of many!