Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Saddest Field Trip...Ever!

On Thursday, Sophia's school went to visit the Bedford Animal Shelter. All of the kids brought donations to give the shelter.

We visited the dogs first. And good gravy was so loud. All the dogs were barking constantly and it echoed off of the cinder block walls. I was very surprised that none of the kids cried, cause I wanted to.

The staff let us play with one of the dogs, named Freckles.

She was super friendly and eager to make new friends.

Here are all of the kids inside one of the dog pens (they had an empty one they weren't using).

They got another dog out for the kids to play with (they try to get the dogs out as much as possible throughout the day and they only got the super friendly dogs out for the kids).

Then we got to visit the cats (my fave). I got my love of cats from my mom who more than likely got it from her dad. They never met a cat they didn't love or want to take care of. And I feel the same way. Growing up, we always had cats. We had a few dogs scattered throughout our growing up but cats were our most frequent pet.

They had several cats that I would have loved to take home but Russell's parting words that morning were "Don't you dare bring home a pet!". So with summer winding down, and me not wanting to disrupt our family order, I honored Russell's request. 

After we left, Sophia kept saying "I miss Mona" over and over again. I told her that I missed Mona too but right now is not a good time to get a new pet. Maybe next summer?

By the way, you can volunteer your time or your money at the Bedford Animal Shelter (they are on a shoe string budget). As far as bringing food etc., they said they are in need of kitten food and litter( kittens need special food and they have to change the cat litter daily and can never get enough of that). You can also donate money or your time. They said they always need people to walk the dogs or get the cats out of their cages to play (they said their facility only has 3 workers, so you can imagine it must be tough to get all the dogs walked, cages cleaned, litter changed and everyone fed).

That afternoon, Sophia and I went to Target and got some kitten food and litter and left it in the garage for Russell to see when he got home (just trying to tease him). but he didn't even say a word about it. Dang! Now off to the animal shelter to take our donations.

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