Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Belated 4th of July!

Happy belated 4th of July!
We did something different this year and went to our friend Dina and Marcus's house for dinner. Marcus made some spectacular barbecue.

They have a GREAT backyard. They have tons of yard and tons of trees. And toys that Sophia immediately wanted to play with.
They also had sidewalk chalk! Score for Sophia! She loves drawing!

But she really loved this little car.

But eventually decided she had to let her inner artist come out. 

And Katie was right there to collaborate with her. Future crafting team on Craft Wars??? I think so!

They also had this fun sprinkler that shoots balls out the top of it.

I imagine Katie saying "Come on Sophia! It's fun!".

"Really, Sophia, I mean really fun!"

Sophia was feeling a little shy and really in need of some sugar. So she had dessert instead.

Even Jack wanted in on part of the action!

"Come on Sophia! I promise!! It's really, REALLY fun!"

Sophia finally got in on the sprinkler action, by having her dad go with her. 

And yes! They have matching bathing suits! Who doesn't shop at Target for their swimwear?

And the adults just enjoyed watching! 

Sophia FINALLY got into the kiddie swimming pool they had. Why it took so long, I have no idea. But I guess once she felt more comfortable, she wanted to do more.

"Gotta make sure all my clips are still in place."

And then Sophia had her 2nd round of desserts.

And was very tired of my camera....or me? Or maybe she thought I was gonna take some of her dessert?

While we were waiting for it to get dark outside, Sophia played in Katie's kitchen.

Her and Jack pretended to eat cake.

And then it was fireworks time! So we loaded up the cars and headed to Dina and Marcus's secret location to watch the Hurst fireworks. But unfortunately, the word has gotten out about their secret spot and we had to park a little down the street. But no biggie. It was a short walk and we had a front row seat for the fireworks. Don't ask me where, cause I'll never tell!

Kelly, Dina's sister, brought these fun, glow in the dark bracelet/necklaces. Which as you all know, Sophia loves a good accessory and the more the better.

We had fun waiting for the fireworks to start.

And Katie had fun trying out Sophia's Princess chair. Such a cutie!

Then the fireworks began.

The Hurst fireworks were spectacular! They did a fabulous job! Everyone had a great time! Especially Sophia. She wanted to go back to Dina and Marcus's house afterwards....apparently she had no idea it was 10 p.m. and a school night. :) 
Thanks for a fabulous 4th!


Anonymous said...

How cute are those girls in their matching swimsuits?! What a fun time!

donna said...

You captured the day perfectly!

Dina said...

Ditto on what my mom said! We had fun spending the 4th with you!