Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekend Fun!!!

How could we top a weekend cooking class with her best bud Atticus? It was hard be we had a blast!
What a fun filled weekend!
 We started off with a visit from Uncle B and Aunt C.

Uncle B was extra silly. Must a been the Aggie win!

Here's Sophia hijacking Russell's glasses....what she might look like in glasses (that aren't crooked).

On Sunday, we got out the paints. Russell hates when I do this. But I just squirt the colors she wants on a paper plate and let her go crazy. And go crazy she did. I love it. Russell hates this part. But I guess the art teacher in me just wants her to be free with the paint. And she had a blast!!!!

Don't worry. The Gymboree sweater she's wearing actually has holes in it (poorly made) and was bought at a deep discount (hence the holes). :)

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