Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Little Reader

For family members waiting on pics of Paw-Paw's birthday celebration, stay tuned. I already had this post started.

Sophia has been reading up a storm. And by reading, I mean being to see the letters, know the sounds and sound out the word. Of course this doesn't cover comprehension. But it's a start.

And of course Sophia wanted no part in me capturing it with my camera.

But then one day, we arrived home on fire prevention day, and when I came out of my room after I changed clothes. This is what I saw. She had set up a group of her animal friends. And of course since it was fire prevention day, she had to wear her fire hat.

She just had to read to her friends.
And then she discovered I was watching her.

Sophia! I just can't help it! You're just too cute! And I'm so proud of your reading skills.

I tried uploading a video of her reading but Blogger is being picky. I'll keep trying.


Anonymous said...

That is exciting stuff!!! Way to go, Sophia! Before we know it, we'll have a second generation of Unofficial Book Club Divas.
P.S. The first and last pictures crack me up.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute and smart and she is way ahead on her studies. Ya'll have done such a great job working with her and it shows the way she minds and respect u guys- lov ya Paw paw