Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Dad's 60th Birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting the pics from my dad's 60th birthday. 
Happy birthday dad (I really can't believe my parents are already 60)!
We gathered over at my parent's house last Sunday for chicken Parmesan and cake. Both were super yummy. Great job mom! 

Somehow Sophia always manages to sit by the birthday boy or girl when it's present/cake time.

Of course my dad picked the strawberry one and Sophia the chocolate one. 

After cake and presents, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. The month of October has been gorgeous so far (knock on wood).

Even though the weather was awesome, it was too cold to get into the pool. But Sophia didn't care. She loves cold water. I don't get it. I love showers or baths to be scalding hot. She on the other hand, likes it to feel like a swimming pool. 

She got her leggings a little wet.

And it was great to see Myra. 

I might just have to steal her. She's such a sweet dog.

Sophia the bowler....

Happy birthday dad! It was a great party for a great guy!


Anonymous said...

.Thanks Erin I have a lot to be happy about with such a great family. Ya'll all made my day so special and fun and made me almost forget how old I am -LOL. Thanks for such a great and wonderful day to my wife and all my kids. Lov you all --Paw Paw

Allison said...

A happy celebration! I love the bowling picture!! That is joy!