Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This year, I asked Sophia early on what she wanted to be for Halloween (knowing that the previous years, we could no longer get certain costumes past a certain point via Pottery Barn). From day one, even before the Pottery Barn catalog was delivered, she said an owl. Not sure why....could be because in previous years, she couldn't be an owl because they ran out or if she knows how much I like owls. But she was dead set on it. I even suggested some princess ideas and even super hero ideas. But she wanted none of it.

So an owl she was. She got to wear her costume to school.
Once she got home, I snapped a few pics before we went to my parent's church carnival.

She was super silly and pretty annoyed by my camera. When will she learn?

Once we arrived at the chucrhc carnival, Sophia couldn't wait to get there.

She was so excited to see her Nana and Paw-Paw.

And then she went tailgating for candy.

Then she did face painting...twice. 

They had an arts and crafts area that Sophia parked at.

All that fun, worked up an appetite.

We maid it home in time to go to 2 houses for trick or treating. Originally we'd planned to do the carnival for an hour and trick or treating for an hour cause Sophia wanted to do both. Next year, we're doing one. And Sophia can pick.

The good news....no fish to kill this year! 
And see that "man" to the left. I taught him in 3rd grade at Wilshire. 


Allison said...

Very cute owl. Sounds like the carnival had a lot of Sophia's favorite things. And, wow, on the "man." That is always fun and a little shocking. How do they get so old when we hardly age? :)

donna said...

Sophia was the cutest owl I have ever seen. Who was the man??? I wonder if I taught him too.

Anonymous said...

What a great costume! Looks like Sophia had a blast on Halloween. It cracks me up that she gets so exasperated with having her picture taken. She should certainly be used to it by now, right?!

Dina said...

She is such a cute little owl! I bet your parents loved showing her off at the carnival!