Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sophia's Reading Loft

Sorry I've been a bit MIA but I've been super busy. Between teaching, being a mom, trying to get ready for Bell's craft fair, trying to promote my blog via blog link-ups, and trying to stock my Etsy shop for Christmas....I've been a little busy. Sorry friends and family. I really did want to spend time with you!

Here's a photo of our dining room so you can get a sense of my busy-ness.
One project Russell and I had both wanted to tackle for a while was Sophia's room. We want to create a reading loft in the upper bunk and pass on some toys to those in need. Here's what we pulled out of her room and closet (after doing this just under 6 months ago). Scary!!!

But once we pulled EVERYTHING out, this is what her room looked like.

I moved her clothes to the other side of the closet so we could move her dresser into the closet.

Here's what we donated to a charity that Uncle Tim helps with.

And the big reveal....Sophia could not have been more excited. It was like a pre-Christmas miracle!

Russell got a good piece of plywood cut down the size of the upper bunk.

We added her book shelf up there, which fit perfectly at the end.

We added her extra blankets, pillows, pillow pets etc. for cushioning. 

And since we moved he book shelf up, we were able to fit her princess castle in her room. 

Here's a final look at her closet (sorry the pics are is everything).

Other side....

I was able to catch Sophia in action, briefly.

Dang flash! But she LOVES it! She actually spent about an hour up there while I was sewing, reading to her stuffed animals. And a dance party broke out at some point...notice her CD player on the corner.

Thanks Russell! Father of the year??!!! I think so!!!!
I think Russell made the good list this year as far as Santa is concerned!

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Dina said...

That is so fun! I want to go up there and play with her!