Sunday, November 18, 2012


Every child has their own phrases and sayings and lately, Sophia has been saying a lot of memorable things, so I just wanted to document them. I don't want to forget these things.

When we say I love you Sophia, she always says "I love you too, too"!

When we see something cool at a craft store, she says "Coolio". If only she was around in the 90's, she'd understand the musical reference. I asked her where she heard it (because she will always reveal who says what), and she said she came up with it. ???

"Well actually"...."You're inrritaing/frsurtating me" (yep, that's me, proud mama moment)

She'll explain something to me and go "right mama!". And of course I said yes.

"And mama, I didn't even get emotional. I just shook it off". 

And just this morning we were having a convo about using your good manners and she said that her friends at school don't use their good manners and that "she is learning these things from her husband Brody". I said "What??!!" And she just looked at me and smiled. Your husband....shesh. I'm going to be in trouble during her teenage years!

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