Thursday, December 26, 2013

Advent Activities

Once I hung up the Advent Calendar that we use each year, Sophia couldn't wait to go through each day and see what we'd do. In fact, she is such the planner, telling me when we should do each activity based on the day of the week and if we'd have enough time for it.
One of the activities was to eat candy canes, make an ornaments and make a Holiday treat. We did all 3 in a matter of a day.....she was trying to do as many as she could, as fast as she could.
For the Holiday treat, we decorated gingerbread men cookies.  

Decorating is hard work. Maybe we should have invested in hair nets?

It was kinda messy but fun. I think next time, we'll make our own cookies. This was a kit with pre-made cookies. Sophia said the cookies tasted like booty. :)

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