Friday, October 10, 2014

Girl Scouts Field Trip: Euless Police Station

A couple of weeks ago, Sophia brought home a flier from school about girl scouts and said she wanted to join. So I called up my friend Joanne to see if they had any spaces (I worked with her at Wilshire and knew she was active in it with her girls). Sure enough, they had a spot! Daisies is the name of what the kinder and 1st graders do.
On Monday night, we went on our first girl scout field trip to the Euless Police Station.
Our tour guide, Officer Burnett I believe was very nice.

The girls had TONS of questions.

We got to tour the entire facility including the jail and 911 call center.


This is their kitchen. This is their deep freeze that contains all of the food for the inmates. It's essentially a holding facility. Their max stay might be 3 they just feed them Banquet tv dinners.

Hopefully this will be Sophia's only introduction to a jail!

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Allison said...

Yowsers! That was quite a tour! How cool!!