Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ayers Family Reunion

These are the Ayers sisters. Introducing in order from left to right, Lois, Evelyn and Dorothy. Dorothy is my grandma (on my mom's side). My mom and a few of her cousins decided to get everyone together for a family reunion.
So my mom and dad agreed to be the hosts, so everyone came over on Saturday. I think in all there were about 54 people.
Thank goodness my parents have such a big space so there was even enough space to play. Sophia was obsessed with the shopping cart and pushed it everywhere...even into the middle of a basketball game.

She put the shopping cart down just long enough for a swim (and ice cream, which you'll see in a minute).

My dad even got the hot tub going.
Here's my cousins, Patti and Chris. Chris was one of the masterminds behind the planning for this reunion.
Here's Patti's granddaughter, Cheyenne. Such a cutie!
Chris and her husband, Barry
Here's Sophia with the ice cream. I must say, she did a really good job of downing this. She ate the whole thing.

The girl cousins
Patti, Debbie (my mom), Becky (her sister, my aunt), Chris and Ruth Ann
They all grew up together and I know all of them. Ruth Ann has some brothers which I also know.
They wanted a pic of all of the 2nd cousins. It took a while to get us all together so my photographer, Tim, snapped a few candid ones of just us.
And the others
2nd Cousins
I had only met 1 of these people before today, which is what I don't like about reunions. I don't know half the people and I'm kinda shy so I'll never get to know what's the point?
Here's a pic of EVERYONE. Luckily, we had a few non-family members to take this pic.

I thought this was cute. 2 kids under 4, using their parents Iphone's to play games. Just another great use of the Iphone.
We were really lucky. My mom had been so worried about the heat that she didn't even think to worry about the rain. But the rains held off for most of the day. But when they came, they came down big. Sophia just took off into the rain. So we let her.

Of course there had to be a crash.
But she was fine. Got right back up.
After the rain stopped, Sophia was so excited about the water coming out of the drains, that she had to show everyone.

And then it was time for more basketball, minus the shopping cart.

All in all, it was a good day and fun times were had by all...even though we hadn't a clue who anyone was.


Allison said...

Very nice - fun family afternoon. Rain... crazy to think about how much y'all have had lately. I love how you are always on the look out for another great use for the iphone. ;)

TLEB said...

Wow - that's a ton of people for your family reunion! I would say it was a big success! Sophia sure looked like she enjoyed herself!