Monday, October 11, 2010

An Art Filled Weekend

Saturday night, we continued with the creativity. I showed Sophia the markers that came with her guitar that Tricia and Atticus had brought. And she squealed with delight. She literally spent an hour at the kitchen table just drawing and sticking stickers on her papers.

 I asked her what she was drawing and she said a shark. Can you see it? Upper left hand corner.

 She said she was drawing an octopus here.
 The stickers caused a little frustration as she had difficulty getting them off the page. They weren't as cooperative as the garage sale stickers.

 On Sunday, we spent the morning painting. As you can see, Sophia had a great time.

 Lately, she's been sampling the paints more and more.

Here she is modeling her smock.
And the weekend's not over yet. We have Monday off. I wonder what we'll do?


Anonymous said...

She is quite the artist. I can see the shark AND the octopus! I know it's terrible to say, but she is so cute when she gets frustrated. I love her little crooked mouth look!

Allison said...

Agreed... the pictures of her and the stickers are adorable! That is a REALLY good octopus!!! Hope today was fun too!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Ditto Tricia and Allison!! Cutie pie!! You should frame some of her work!