Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Visit From Atticus (and Tricia)

Today, we had scheduled an art playdate so these two best buds could hang out and create. After taking the art class at the Hurst Rec Center, we knew our kiddos loved creating and loved hanging out with each other. So when the classes ended, we were a little bummed. So we decided to get together periodically for art playdates. Especially on the hot days where playing outside is unbearable.

Sophia couldn't wait for Atticus to arrive. In fact, she woke up at 6:00 am calling his name because we'd been telling her about the upcoming playdate (I didn't go in to check on her until 6:45...she needs to learn patience). At some point, I wasn't watching and she found my old garage sale price tags in the office (trying to do last minute cleaning....why should I even bother with a cat). I figured, why not, they peel off easily and she's occupied while I clean...kind of clean.

She spotted Atticus outside!

So I had bought them these jack-o-lantern wooden masks to paint. Tricia bought these cool rock and roll guitars to paint. And guess what? They painted for 2 seconds and were done! What!!!!?????
They sure do look cute in their smocks! I had been meaning to make one forever for Sophia so I finally got around to making one and decided Atticus would need one too. But unfortunately, they ended up looking more like dresses. Oops! But it covered their clothes. By the way Tricia, I had intended for y'all to take it with you to keep in case you want to paint at home but with all the excitement (and Sophia's fits), I forgot to tell you. Sorry it looks like a dress. :( Y'all don't actually have to use it.

 They decided they'd rather watch a show.

 Then we had story time!
 Sophia did not want to share her pumpkin at first, but with some pleading/reasoning, she shared. And Atticus was always good about giving it right back, which made it easier. Good sharing guys.

 Then we decided they needed to run some energy off outside. Good idea Tricia!
Unfortunately, we don't have any backyard play equipment yet. Santa are you listening?

 It was super funny to watch! If one kiddo did something, the other one followed suit. Like this. Falling down. Chasing. Tickling.


 What these pics leave out is all the timeouts Sophia got for pushing and hitting. Aggressive much? Can you believe all this activity only lasted like an hour and fifteen minutes? It was a whirl wind. But a fun one. Although, I was telling Tricia, "this is what 2 would be like". Good birth control for sure!
Later in the day, after nap time, Sophia was very sad to see her Aggies had lost. :(
Just kidding. She just didn't want to put on the jersey. But poor Aggies!


TLEB said...

Ha - the picture of Sophia in the Aggie shirt crying is pretty funny :) Atticus and Sophia sure love each other! Looks like a fun and full playdate!!

Anonymous said...

I loved when Russell came home and very quietly asked, "Why are there stickers on our table?" Hilarious!
Seeing Sophia and Atticus share that pumpkin back and forth was soooo sweet. It kinda made me think, "OK, we're doing SOMETHING right!" And they didn't need a single toy for the backyard...they had a blast chasing each other and falling down. Oh, to be young again! Thank you for the smock. We don't have anything like that, so it will definitely come in handy. And neither Atticus nor I care that it looks like a dress. He just took it off cause he was finished painting...yes, after about 2 minutes. Thank you for having us over. We had a great time!
P.S. I feel Sophia's pain regarding the Aggies. UGH!

Joanne said...

I love seeing these two play together! They are precious!! I think the smocks are cute! I bet you will get more use out of them later- especially with Sophia having an art teacher as a mommy!

I also feel the pain of the Aggies. :( Maybe next year?

Allison said...

Looks like lots of fun, short paint time and all. That is a seriously sad face on Sophia and she looks so old in that pic too. Crazy.