Monday, October 25, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

I had been meaning to pull the plug on the pacifier for a while. I was going to do it during the summer but then I thought I'd wait until after she started her new daycare and was fully adjusted. She'd been paci free during the day forever but we'd still continued to use them during nap time and bedtime. She'd stopped using them at daycare for naps back in January. I was going to start with her naptime on Saturday but then the big rains hit and I wasn't sure she'd sleep without it and I needed my nap time too. :)

So, on Sunday, we finally did it. We gathered her pacifiers up and put them in a pile for the pacifier fairy to come and get them. She knows what fairies are from watching her Tinkerbell movie. I explained that the pacifier fairy would come and take them away to give them to the little babies that needed them. In return, she'd leave her a toy of her choice. Sophia had picked out a Tinkerbell action figure and animals.

The nap time was a little rough. She cried for about 30 minutes and finally fell asleep. She still slept for about 2 hours.

 Even though she was excited about her toy, she was still sad about having to give away her pacifiers.
 After that, it was pumpkin carving time.

 The pumpkin carving was a nice distraction from missing her pacifiers.
 There were times when she got bored and needed a break.
 But overall, she was way more into it than last year. She kept wanting "her turn".

 Running break!
 And she was especially excited about the candy corn we'd bought earlier in the day.
 Candy corn induced dance.

 This is the design Sophia picked out for Russell to do. An owl. It was the only one she liked. Good thing it was only a level 2 design.
 Then it was time to move the pumpkin out front.

 After bath time, we lit it up.

Turned out pretty cool. Good job Russell!

The bedtime withdrawls went even better than nap time. She whimpered for a little bit but fell asleep about 10 minutes later. She slept through the night, like normal. Yea!!! So I'm hoping tonight goes even better.


Meg said...

O MAN! Daddy is a serious pumpkin carver! I LOVE the picture of her working on it concentrating so hard with her tongue out! Happy Halloween-great job on the piggy too!

Allison said...

Wow... that is a BIG event! Good job, Sophia... hope tonight goes well too!
Great pumpkin again this year, Russell! Sophia looks totally pleased with it! Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Paci free? That is huge! Way to go, Sophia! (And way to go, Mommy and Daddy, too.) The photo of her with her hands on her hips is so grown up. I just love her!

TLEB said...

What a big girl Sophia is to be off the paci!! And how great that she already is sleeping normally! Whoo hoo! The pictures are so cute of her and pumpkin carving!