Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paw-Paw's Birthday/The Train Ride

For such a fun day, this blog entry has been soooo aggravating. I started it on Sunday but before I could even upload the pics I'd selected, it told me I was out of space. So I bought more space and had to wait for them to process my order.
I started the whole process over again only to be told again...out of space. Apparently I hadn't bought enough space. So I bought more and waited for them to process my order and finally have enough space for this post. 
 Having said that, at some point, I may be switching to the other blog name I've started (I signed up for about 5 different ones so I could have dibs on the name I've chosen). So I'll let you know if/when I'm switching.

To start off the festivities, we had lunch at Chili's where we ate and gave him our gifts.
Then it was off to the train station in Grapevine.

Sophia was super excited!

The kids played around while we were waiting for Nana to get our tickets.
Finally time to board the train (It's called The Tarantula).

Did I mention Sophia was super excited?

We played musical seats while on the train.

Uncle Jay bought them suckers to pass the time. Sophia was eyeing Jack's awfully closely.

This is the look Sophia had when the train whistle blew for the actual train departure.
But then she was back to her happy self.
The conductor came around and greeted everyone.
Here are a few of the views of what we saw while on the train.

This is my mom's house that she grew up in.

We arrived at the Stockyards with a serenade from a band.

Once we finally got off the train, we were off to eat dessert and to explore the Stockyards.
Ride 'em cowboy!
And cowgirl!
Dessert time! Unfortunately, when we arrived at this restaurant, there was a clown out front making stuff out of balloons for the kids. Sophia took one look at him and went into panic mode. She screamed soooo loud and right in his ear. Poor clown. But I have to admit, I'm not a big clown fan myself. The entire time we were eating dessert she had a clear view of the clown and cried most of the time.

I have to give her credit though, we didn't really worry about going to the potty while on the train cause I didn't really feel like it (she's still using pull-ups), but we went potty at the restaurant we had dessert at and she was dry!!!! She went from about 10:30-3:00 without a bathroom break and was still dry! I couldn't believe it.

To distract her from the clown drama we let her ride more rides.

Then it was time for the cattle drive.

Then we headed to the train station to await our train to head back to Grapevine. The band was playing again and Sophia decided to bust a move.

On the train ride back, we got to see the street my dad grew up on.
More views from the train...

And we had the train announcer sing happy birthday to my dad.

See! I knew she was eyeing his sucker!

Happy birthday dad! We had a great time and thanks again for paying for our tickets Mom!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! You captured some great smiles! I can tell Sophia has some serious dance moves. And how cool that you can see where your folks grew up from the train.

Allison said...

That sounds like a GREAT day!! What a fun fun fun family adventure!! Love it!

Grandpa K said...

It was great that you could see your parents' homes. That they were still there.

I think kids are on to something. They don't like clowns for a reason. Why do some grown ups, then, like them?

TLEB said...

Ahh - what a great day! I want to try that train - we've only done it when they've done the short ride with Thomas. Sophia looked like she had a blast (minus the clown incident)!

Meg said...

Happy b'day to Paw-Paw! I love the pix of Sophia at the train whistle and the immediate aftermath! So cute!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I have been trying to comment for two days... darn blogger...

What a fun day and you got some great shots of Sophia... you can feel the fun through them. I really, really miss fort worth. There are so many fun and unique things to do there with kids!