Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Caddo Weekend

So this past weekend, I went on the annual Caddo Weekend Trip with my fellow Wilshire teachers and former Wilshire teachers.
I left on Friday morning with Donna, Tricia and Dyana (I took a personal day). We got there early and we could totally relax once we got there instead of being rushed.
The weather was perfect! Not too hot. Low humidity. A chill in the air. Sunny. It was gorgeous! And it brought out all the animals.
We saw a family of deer several times while there.
 Some of us went on a nature walk while we were there.

 And we saw not just one, not just two but THREE armadillos, ALIVE!

 Peek-a-boo Donna!
 We saw this spooky looking stump graveyard. At least that's the feeling we had once we discovered it. Spooky!
 Here's the nature walk crew minus Joanne who is taking the pic.

 It was such a relaxing weekend! I had a great time! Thanks to Russell for agreeing to watch Sophia while I was away. Thanks to my parents and Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia for entertaining and helping out with Sophia. And thanks to Donna, Tricia and Dyana for being such great cabinmates!

While I was away, Russell went over my parent's house and went out to dinner on Friday. He didn't take pics because he forgot the camera and was busy trying to figure out what was wrong with their computer.
Brice and Cynthia came over on Saturday for pizza and to watch the Aggies beat OU.

I missed Russell and Sophia SOOOOO much! And apparently Sophia missed me too. She refused to go potty while I was gone and had many accidents.
Next on our agenda, decorating for Thanksgiving and purging our house before Russell starts putting together the Christmas village. And I mean purging. I can't decide if a garage sale would be better or just taking stuff to Goodwill and selling as much as I can at Kid to Kid.


Allison said...

Oh Caddo weekend, how I love thee. Glad that everyone had such a great time and that the weather cooperated! Good luck with the purge... maybe you could Craig's List some stuff and get more than Kid to Kid?

Anonymous said...

Caddo was the best! Can't wait til next year!

TLEB said...

Ahh - Caddo looked like so much fun! I'll bet you got no sleep, crocheted an talked A LOT! What a great weekend that would be!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Fun! Aww... the good ole days! Glad you got to get away for awhile. I was hoping for some... ummm... gossip or crazy stories, but the nature pictures are nice, too!

Joanne said...

It was such a great weekend!
Kristy- you would have gotten an ear full of gossip and crazy stories! Wish you were there, I bet you could have input your fair share.