Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day started off with me running in the Ft. Worth Turkey Trot. When I say run, I mean I tried to run. It was wall to wall people. I started off running with my running partner Amanda. Oh my gosh. This was her first racing experience and truth be told it was the craziest one I'd ever run in. There were sooooooo many people there. And we kept wasting half our energy trying to get around the slow, walking people. And then there was the weather. It was misting and crazy cold. And sooooo windy. But I felt good after I finished until I couldn't find Russell and Sophia. They were supposed to meet me at the Starbucks right by the starting/finishing line. I waited for 15-20 minutes and finally ran down to the car (which was about a half mile away because we parked and ran to get to the starting line because the traffic was so bad getting there). They weren't there. So I ran back and finally found them. Russell said that they'd wanted to see me finish the race and that Sophia didn't want to go to the car. She wanted to see her mama finish the race. Well, apparently they missed seeing me finish and headed to the Starbucks to see if I was there. Thank goodness we found each other. What a morning! Then it was back to the house to clean up and cook for Thanksgiving Day.

Here's Sophia in her Thanksgiving dress.

I could have sworn that when I added this pic it was turned the correct way....oh, well. I'm too busy to change it.

So we went over to my mom and dad's house for Thanksgiving lunch. Sophia was very excited to play with her cousins.

Koby showed us his new band skills on the bassoon.

Sophia was captivated.
Sophia's hair had a mind of it's own that day.

Of course, her playing so rough didn't help matters.

Of course, we watched the Cowboy game. We had two guests join us this year, my cousin Phillip and Aunt Beverly (Phillip is between my dad and Tim).
When Sophia went down for her nap, I was able to relax and read.
Sophia wanted to change back into her comfy clothes before her nap.

It was a really fun, relaxing Thanksgiving (except for the Turkey Trot which was not relaxing at all, but I still enjoyed running in a race again). Next up, a 10K.


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

first, you have no idea how proud i am of you and your turkey trot! it amazes me-running and even more working full time, being a busy wife and mommy and training for it!!! What a great example for sophia and us all!

2nd, Sophia's dress is adorable! Where did you get it? You should make it into one of those sweated pillows!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Hope you had a happy, wonderful Thanksgiving!! Your next trainee's for a race are Lauren and I!! Love the cute the "comfy clothes!!" (A girl after my own heart!!) :)

Allison said...

Yay for a good race... crowds and all. Never fun to waste energy though. Of course you know I love Sophia's dress... the hair doesn't make her look any less cute either! Looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Curled up under a blanket with a good book in the midst of holiday madness...very nice, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to the Kaminskis!

TLEB said...

Your race story was pretty funny - good for you for starting off the day of gluttony in such a positive way! Sophia did look adorable - her hair looked like Elizabeth's always does! :) What a fun Thanksgiving!