Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Day After Thanksgiving

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving has always meant that we have dinner with Uncle Brice  and Aunt Cynthia and watch the Aggie/TU game. However, last year, they switched the game back to Thursday so instead of watching the Aggies, we watched Auburn vs Bama. This year we cooked a rib roast instead of lamb. Sophia helped with the seasoning.

 Lately, anytime she can't reach or see something, we hear, "wait mom" and off she goes to retriever her stepping stool...aka her potty, which she no longer uses. The seat part actually fits into our toilet seat so she can sit on it without falling in. So she no longer uses the pink potty. On a side note, Operation Big Girl Panties has been going very smoothly with her only accidents being overnight. The first night she refused to wear a pull up over her panties and guess what, she didn't make it and wet her bed. So the next night when I told her she was wearing a pull up over her undies, she was cool with it.
 Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia
 Sophia got bored with the game so she decided to watch Caillou on her ipod, inherited from her dad.
 We also did our first fire of the season. Uncle Brice kicked it off for us.
 Oops! When unpacking some boxes today, I opened one as part of it shattered on the floor. It was Russell's Grinch Countdown to Christmas. I felt so bad. He was able to glue it all back together.
 So later that night, we started to decorate the tree. Sophia would come and get the ornaments from me and give them to Aunt Cynthia to help her put them on the tree.

No broken ones that night. However, Saturday morning, I handed one to Sophia, the first one Russel ever gave me from 1994....the year we started dating. She dropped it and it broke into a million pieces. It was a cute little soccer ball with the year 1994 printed on it. I still can't believe it's gone. Once the ornaments are on the tree, she's been great about leaving them alone. Knock on wood!
Oh and as far as Black Friday shopping goes, I'd rather pay full price than get a bargain on that day. :)

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Allison said...

Lost ornaments - so sad! Everything else looks like lots of fun though. I can't wait to get home and put out my own Christmas decor after seeing all of yours lately!!