Sunday, September 18, 2011


I wasn't there for this outing. I was out with a group of Happiness Project Girls (yep, I was being self indulgent and hanging with my fellow moms who also read The Happiness Project). So all of this post is via word from Russell and Sophia.

They went with Uncle Brice, Aunt Cynthia and some of their friends. And reportedly, Sophia was super shy and clingy.

And WOULD not cooperate with the photographer at all.

Except when she became the photographer.

I can only imagine what Russell was thinking here. Feel free to leave your guess in the comments section. :)

Or guess what Sophia was thinking here!

According to Sophia they had a stage and a band. AND they played The Chicken Dance. I asked her if she did the Chicken Dance and she said no. So I guess she just enjoyed listening to it. According to Russell, he said it was very loud and crowded. So that probably explains the sour looks from Sophia. Plus, we had to wake her up from her nap to get there in time.


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