Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everywhere That Atticus Went....

Our Labor Day started off with a relaxing play date with Atticus and Tricia. Finally, Mother Nature cooperated with us for once.

So here it goes...
(sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Everywhere that Atticus went, Atticus went, Atticus went,

Everywhere that Atticus went, Sophia was sure to go. 

I'm sure there are more verses, but you get the picture. Sophia followed Atticus everywhere.

Over hills!

Down hills!

Oh wait! Then Atticus was following Sophia.

Oh, now we're back to Sophia following her Atticus.

Atticus showing Sophia the best parts of Chisholm Park (random people...MOVE).

 She almost followed him to the ground.


In the end, it was all about the best buddies watching the ducks.

It ended with Sophia not wanting to leave because, "I love my Atticus! I don't want to leave". (said while crying). Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! It brought a little tear to my eye. These two have something special, that's for sure. It's been so fun watching them grow together. And bonus for us...we've become closer, too!

Allison said...

Aww, cute. And Tricia's comment is very sweet. Lucky for all 4 of you!

kristy said...

Funny- those two are so cute! and what a beautiful day! she wish we could have joined you!