Monday, September 19, 2011

Haapy Birthday September Birthday Babies!

Happy birthday September Birthday Babies! One of which, being Koby! My nephew. Hard to believe he turned 13 on Sunday.

Here he is as a baby. And here he is as the young teenager....breaks my heart a little bit.He's no longer a baby. But, he's grown up into such a great young man and that makes me happy.

Sophia was all about the dessert today.

And the money that she got from her great-grandma (not sure why, I guess that's whats grandparent's do?? Mine never did).

Cousin Jack is trying to convince her it's $7 bill.

I don't think she believed him.

My grandma's birthday is the day after Koby's.

Sophia was so animated during the gift part.

And during the singing part.

And yes...during the dessert part.

She was a little disappointed she wasn't the first one served. Diva????

One satisfied party goer!


Anonymous said...

I remember meeting Koby on the Wilshire playground when he was 4! Wow!

kristy said...

Sophia is all personality- what a cute post!