Monday, September 5, 2011

A Long Overdue Playdate

On Saturday, we were able to meet up with Tricia and Atticus to play at the Splash Pad. It was long overdue. Tricia and I have seen each other but Sophia and Atticus have not. It's just been too hot for outdoor playdates. It was heavenly weather. It was in the 80's. Slight breeze. What a beautiful day. And lucky us, we had the Splash Pad to ourselves and didn't have to share.

For some reason, these 2 are all about the snacks. Instead of immediately playing, they want to immediately eat. Must be because we're meeting up at 10 which would normally be Sophia's snack time??

But with a little snack in their bellies, they were able to manage a little energy to chase each other.

Unfortunately, this playdate ended early dueuse bieng chased by bees. More and more bees kept showing up (maybe they were after our snacks). And Sophia kept begging to leave. Bugs freak her out. I must say, I am not a bug lover myself. I know they are a necessary part of our ecosystem, but I would prefer to not ever see them.

After that, since our playdate ended earlier than expected, we headed over to Nana and Paw-Paw's to swim.

But Sophia wanted to snack first. I'm seeing a pattern here.

Sophia helped Nana sweep the acorns off of the patio. We kept stepping on them and it hurt.

Then, Sophia heard the pool calling her name.

And jumped right in, feet first.

We missed our window for a nap but we had such a great time seeing so many people we love, that it didn't matter. What a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Soooo glad we were able to get together! Those darn bees...but it was still a good time. We love hanging out with you guys!

kristy said...

What a great weekend- splash pad and Bff PLUS nana and paw paw... lucky girls!