Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Week Continues...Craft Night

Once again, I apologize for the direction of the photos. I changed it to the correct direction on my computer as I normally do. But when I upload the photos to blogger, the revert back to their natural direction. I have no idea how to change this. So just tilt your head I guess.

On Friday night, we had a craft night to help my friend Tricia make a desk to match the mirror she bought at Canton.
 First things first, assess the situation.

We even had help from a super cutie Katie Belle!

Then it was down to business!

Here's a before!

And here's Katie Belle helping us! 24 months of super cutie patootie-ness!

We decided to paint the accents black.

Even sweet Donna got into the modge podge/painting/cutting mix with her hand (she recently had surgery on it). What a trooper!

Here's the desk top! We used 5 x 5 pieces of scrapbook paper with 1 inch x 12 inch pieces of hounds tooth print paper for the border. We put a layer of modge podge on top.

Here's Tricia super excited about her new desk/vanity!

And here's the mirror we were trying to match. She had bought the mirror at Canton. At the time she really didn't know if she wanted the whole desk to match.

But eventually, she decided it was a must to match the mirror!

And believe me! Five heads are better than 1 on figuring this mathematical junk out. And it turned out super cute! What a fun part of my birthday week!


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

WOW! this is adorable and looks like so much fun to make with such creative girls!! Man, I hate missing out, but so happy to see the results! Great work girls! And yay for birthday week!!

Anonymous said...

I love my desk! You girls ROCKED it. A million thank yous! It was a fun night.

Joanne said...

That is awesome! I LOVE that desk!!