Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend/Nice and Neatly

So how did you spend your Super Bowl weekend?

We spent ours being lazy. Sometimes it's nice to have a weekend or 2, or 3, where you get to recover from your exhausting work week.

Sophia, decked out in a princess dress and art smock (a new addition to her dress up stuff via Mrs. Wilson from my school, "Thanks Mrs. Wilson"). 

Sophia wanted to build a castle and play with her blocks/playhouse.

Here's the castle, in it's entirety. The big purple bin is the castle swimming pool.

My favorite kind of weekends are ones where we get to be lazy. I especially love the ones where I get to dress in super comfy clothes and no make up (and not having to fix my hair). 

On Sunday, Sophia got in the mood to clean. She kept saying over and over again that she wanted to make her room "nice and neatly". Maybe some of my cleaning frenzies have paid off (in a good way). Hopefully!

The fact that she initiated this cleaning frenzy made me even more willing to help. Honestly folks, she did the room by herself. I did her closet cause it involved stacking and lifting large tubs. 

But she was so proud of her cleanliness that I had to take a pic or 2. In fact, she made me close my eyes before I walked in to see what she did with her kitchen. It was at that point that she recruited me to help make the rest of her room "nice and neatly". 

Then when her daddy was finished with his workout, she couldn't wait to show off her "nice and neatly" cleaned room.

And yes, trust me, this is NICE AND NEATLY for Sophia's room, especially since she did the room part. 

And all of this before the Super Bowl! For that, we just hung out at the house, made crockpot brisket tacos. We were doubt! 
But we were rooting for the Giants because Grandma and Grandpa K  live in New York. But also, for me, all these people on Facebook and T.V. kept calling Eli "Ugly Face". That just breaks my heart. True, Eli is no hotty but to call him Ugly Face?? Just not right. 
So glad the Giants won!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice and neatly...we could use some of that around here...please send Sophia over! What a comfortably sweet weekend. And I don't think it's nice to call anyone "Ugly Face."

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Wow- lucky mama! Mine never want to clean!! and my what a fantastic little people collection- thats a big deal around here, too! Lastly, who says ugly face isn't a hottie? I mean he is no Tom Brady, but pretty smokin' in my book!