Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tangled! Literally!

These pics are from December but when I was looking through my December picture folder, I realized I'd forgotten to post them.

Those of you who have little boys can't really appreciate this because you probably don't have a child that wakes up with a tangled mess on top of their heads. But I know my mom can because I used to always get tangles in my hair as a kid. 

I think Sophia's tangles are even worse because when she's trying to go to sleep or waking up from sleeping, she rocks back and forth and she rubs her head against the mattress. 

Trust me when I say these tangles were a pain to get out. Many tears were shed, by both of us (even after using No More Tangles).

 So mama's of sons, be thankful for short hair!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember those days well. Sometimes, like a rat's nest. Patience and a big tooth comb.