Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Day Treat

I need to preface this post by saying, I have no idea why these pics are in the wrong direction. In my pictures folder they are going in the right direction but when they uploaded they switched back to their original direction. So, I apologize....
Now on to the post. Sunday afternoon, after a trip to the mall, we swung by Nana and Paw-Paw's house because they had a special treat for Sophia for Valentine's Day.

Inside the bag were some sweet treats and toys. One of the toys was a yo-yo that lights up. 

Sophia was very excited about all of her presents but was really intrigued by the yo-yo.

Unfortunately, she handed the yo-yo to me. It flew off of my finger and smashed all to pieces. :( Guess I'll be going to Target for a new one.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...confession. That is not funny because I'm sure Sophia was very upset when the yo yo broke. But I laughed when I read it because it was so unexpected! I thought we'd see Russell doing some cool tricks and Sophia laughing. Oops!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

hysterical! there goes your mom of the year... smashed to pieces. I burned the last three eggs we had the other morning and Mike was pretty miffed at me!I guess the older they get the less perfect they will see us-boo!