Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The best word to describe my past 2 weeks has been BUSY. Last Wed., Russell went to Chicago for a conference for work (got back on Friday), so my first 2 days of back to school (we started back on Thurs.), were me flying solo. Let me just say, I don't fly solo well. 

Russell really spoils me by pitching in so much to help with Sophia. Of course, why shouldn't he? I mean, it is being a dad. But I do know moms who don't get the same support, so I feel extra lucky that Russell helps so much (and knows my mood swings so he can anticipate when I need his help without asking). SO, when he goes out of town, he is sorely missed. But it also makes me appreciate him, so maybe it's a good thing? I jokingly referred to his conference as his mini-vacation. And Sophia caught on, so she started referring to his conference as "dad's vacation". 

Needless to say, all Russell brought back from his vacation was this lousy t-shirt (haha!). Just kidding. He brought back other stuff too. I really liked the CUTE periodic table shirt he got at a science museum while there (see, he was on vacation).

And as you can imagine, Sophia was SUPER happy to have her daddy home and loved the shirt!

And of course Sophia prepared her hair with extra hair accessories to go with her CUTE shirt.

Later in the weekend, Sophia helped Russell put together some shelving units we bought at IKEA for my new art room.

Sophia is pretty handy with tools. Definitely gets that from Russell. Unless it's a glue gun or a staple gun, I'm out. But I can work a mean sewing machine. So there! :)

So just to let you know, the next couple of weeks might be sparse with posts. But once I get back into the groove, I'll start posting again.


Allison said...

Hope the new year starts off GREAT! Love that last pic. What a big girl now!

Anonymous said...

That shirt is nerd-tastic! I LOVE it! Sophia and her hair accessories...I love that, too!

Meg said...

Agree last picture is wonderful all around! Hope your new world is great this year and lots of fun for Sophia!