Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nothing Much to Blog About

In case you're wondering about my lack of posts lately, I just haven't had that much to blog about. I've just been trying to finish up odds and ends around the house since my school year starts tomorrow. I've been working in my room, a bunch, so that I could at least have it organized and focus on lesson planning and prep. I've also been organizing and cleaning our house from top to bottom, so at least we start the school year off on a good note. Sorry, no pics of that.

But on Saturday, we did get a visit from Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia. They're teachers too and wanted a visit before they start back as well.

Sophia couldn't wait for Aunt Cynthia to get there to work puzzles. 

 And then today, I sewed a new apron for my art room. New year, new school, new apron.

And that's pretty much it. 

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