Friday, August 10, 2012

Nana's 60th Birthday

Wow! This week has been so busy! I've been working in my classroom, I've been adding items to my Etsy Shop, and I had new student registration at my school. So I'm finally getting around to posting pics of Nana's birthday. She turned 60 this past Sunday.

And we really wanted to make it a special day for her because she is so special. We made her wear these Turning 60 accessories. The glasses are a 6-0, in case you can't tell from the pic

My dad filmed us saying sweet things about Nana and we were watching it here (the boys are ready for the pool). My dad also gave a speech in person about what Nana means to him. Wish I'd thought to take a pic of that.

All in all, I think it was a fun day, full of surprises, good food, and family. 
We hope Nana knows how special she is to all of us! If she didn't before, she should know by now. Happy birthday Nana!


Anonymous said...

One hot grandma --who is special to all of us. It was a fun day and my daughters are the best and did so much to make it special love u all --Grand Pa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful party. All of you are very sweet to do so much for me. Love you,

aka Nana

Dina said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. She is so cute!