Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Fun Weekend....Welcome Myra!

To start the weekend off, a sleepover at Nana and Paw-Paw's house on Friday night. Russell and I were celebrating our 14th anniversary. We had planned on going out to eat but once we all got home, we were both ready for comfy clothes so Russell went to our local Asian cuisine vendor, Tom's Asian Cuisine, and picked up to-go food.

And of course the kiddos were having tons of fun without us (thanks for the pics mom)!

When I came to pick up Sophia on Saturday morning, we were also taking home our newest addition to the Kaminski household, Myra. 

She is a mini-dachshund and belongs to my sister Amy. But with Amy's new job and Sophia's loss of Mona, when offered the chance to adopt her, we jumped. She's a super sweet dog. She's super loving and follows me around the house all day.

We are used to cats because of our cats Mona and Leo. But actually Myra is very cat-like in many ways. She is more of a "lap cat" than Mona ever was. 

And Sophia is loving it except for the fact that Myra follows me around instead of Sophia. I think Sophia was disappointed. She wanted a dog that would follow her. BUT, if Sophia keeps sneaking Myra snacks, then I'm sure Myra will eventually love her.

Myra LOVED exploring the backyard....even at 3 am. No pics at 3 a.m. :)

Then on Sunday, it was back to my parent's house to celebrate Labor Day.

Of course, dessert was her favorite thing!

Happy Labor Day!


Allison said...

How fun!!!! How great to get a sweet little doggie that you already know is a good dog AND is housebroken. :) I bet Sophia is going to ADORE having Myra around and those pics of her checking through the fence are so cute! (Don't tell anyone but sometimes I want a cute little doggy.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Myra! She is so cute! I like her ears. It sounds like she's settling in to your little family perfectly. And happy anniversary! 14 years...woo hoo! You and Russell are a great couple.