Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's Cooking??

These little cuties were cooking up a storm on Saturday at Young Chef's Academy. Tricia and I both purchased Groupon's a while back thinking we'd need to use them to avoid the heat outside. Little did we know, we'd end up using them on a Saturday filled with rain and not hot at all. 

The kids were in the kitchen while the parent's looked on from the other side of a plate glass window. 

Sophia just looked sad the entire time.

It was almost like she was afraid of doing it wrong. But there were no tears, just those big brown eyes looking so sad.

I'm so glad these two buddies were doing the class together. Otherwise, I'm not sure if Sophia would have done it.

I loved the cutting tools they used so much that I had to buy one. Just $5 and now Sophia can use it in our kitchen.

"Lettuce?? I don't want any stinkin' lettuce!"~ my impression of what must be going through Atticus's head. 

They took a little break to get some wiggles out by singing songs about food.

Then it was time for Sophia's favorite part....making homemade lemonade.

Sophia loved squeezing the crap out of her lemons. And I just love Atticus's facial expressions. So cute!

After working so hard to make all that yummy food, it was finally time to taste it. Yum! Sophia shared it with me and I have to say it was all yummy!

 And I have to also say, our kids were the most well behaved kids in that kitchen and they were the youngest.  

After all that sitting, we thought we should take our little chefs to do some running. So we headed over to the Cook's Children indoor playground.

It was so good to see Atticus and Tricia! Let's get something on the calendar soon before we get booked up.

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Anonymous said...

This was such a fun morning! Sophia was precious...I can't believe she didn't say a single word through the entire cooking class! I'm so happy we did this together. Atticus was a bit skeptical until he found out Sophia could sit next to him. They were great! And watching them run around at the indoor playground was the BEST! Their little imaginations just took off. Reunited! And bonus for us...we actually got to visit a bit! Loved it!