Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Beginnings

First of all, I forgot to do an entire post about Sophia getting her glasses. I didn't take very many pics because I didn't want to make her self conscious. Boy was it hard to refrain.
Maybe there is a 12 step program for snap happy mommas??
So here she is, moments after we picked up her new glasses. They are a darkish purple and Hello Kitty on the sides.
My mother also celebrated new beginnings, a new year (it was her birthday).

Sophia is ALWAYS front and center for gift opening or dessert time.

Happy birthday Nana!!! We wish this sweet lady a very speedy recovery from her recent (non-life threatening) surgery.


Dina said...

Sophia looks beautiful! Your mom does too!

Allison said...

A great color on both of them! Cheers to new beginnings!