Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Karate Kid

Sophia finally decided that she wanted to try Tae Kwon Do after many months of thinking about it.
Her instructor is Mr. Valdez an we found out about them from Atticus.

Mr. Valdez is great with the kids!

He makes it fun but at the same time being firm and no nonsense.

For Sophia's first class, Atticus and Apollo attended so that Sophia wouldn't be alone. So sweet!


Sophia got a special shirt that says she survived her first Tae Kwon Do class.

Sophia couldn't wait to go back. That was a Wed. Given a choice of Thurs or Fri, Sophia chose Thurs. She gets 2 days a week and we can choose from 3 days (W/Th/F).

Mr. Valdez helps them with their belts. 

Apparently her younger teacher didn't get the memo that Sophia just started when he chose her for a demo.


Let's give Sophia a hand!

Mr. Valdez makes it fun for sure.

But Sophia did a good job of listening and following instructions.


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Allison said...

Yay!!! How great! And I love her new shorter hair! She looks like such a good little student too!