Monday, August 26, 2013

PK Graduation

This is what Sophia looked like when she first started PK at Ms. Melanie's. She was only 2.

This is her at her PK graduation.


Mrs. Melanie gave each child a graduation bear, a book and Toys R Us gift card.

Here is Sophia's best buddy at PK, Brody. They've been friends since they were 9 months old and went to Ms. Brenda's together.

Ms. Melanie's graduating class of 2013

Saying our goodbyes....

We've got a kindergartner on our hands and I'm afraid I'm not ready for's surreal. Kind of like the 1st and last days of school when you're a teacher. They never feel real.

Thanks Ms. Melanie....for everything.

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Allison said...

Wow. Crazy. Cute pictures, I love her looking sideways at you - what a great smile! And while I know she looks so much like Mama, she is looking SO much like her Kaminski cousins too - maybe since the glasses...? I am sure saying good bye to Ms. Melanie was bittersweet for all.