Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow/Ice Day #3

So for day #3 of being home bound, we started off with reading a few books. I had already decided we had to get out OF THIS HOUSE!!! At some point, so around 8:30ish, we got ready to head out. I planned on making a few stops to a few of my favorite places that I really should buy stock in. Target, Joanne's/Michael's, Starbucks, and a quick stop at the post office to mail some books to a dear high school friend who is in dire need of books.

So off we went. I stopped first at the Post Office. Then swung by Michael's and Starbucks which were both closed. Boo!!!
Then I swung by Joanne's. It was OPEN!!!! YEA!!!!!!

Sophia was clearly not as excited as I was.

But she will too learn the magical potential just lying there at the local craft store. We picked up a few supplies for me and a few for her. 

This is the ice rink, I mean parking lot we drove by on our way to Target.

And the bubble bath, I mean fountain we passed on our way to Target.

And check out these icicles we saw on our way to Target.

Here's the parking lot of Target. Yep! Covered in ice! I must be a crazy woman being out in this.
But the good thing, actually 2 good things that came out of this trip are that it made Sophia happy (she loves going to Target) and their Starbucks was open, which made me VERY happy.

As soon as we got home, we broke open a couple of our finds. This is a brush set that makes different textures because the brushes are made of crazy plastic pieces.

It's actually pretty well made and we had a 40% off coupon.

Then it was dollhouse time.

Then it was pizza party time. I've discovered that if you follow anything by the word party, Sophia gets super excited about it.

Then came another craft project. Making Russell a frame for Valentine's Day.

We bought this super cheap frame at Joanne's.

I got out the acrylics and these cool stampers that create different textures.

The good thing is, Russell never checks this so he won't see his present. We'll be adding a cute photo of my little Polish princess, Sophia.
Okay moms who don't like to get dirty with painting. And even if you do, the kids still love these do-a-dot art paints.

I got mine at Teacher's Tools. And they're worth every penny. They get to "paint" but it's not messy.
I bought this owl wooden mask at Joanne's for $1. Sophia was given a choice of which paints she wanted to use and she chose the dot paint set.

Truth be told, I think she just likes opening them, taking the lids off, using them for 5 seconds and then putting the lid back on.
Once again, this is all before her nap time. We'll see what happens after her nap. I've got Taco Soup cooking on the stove, which she won't eat. Too spicy.
And as for tomorrow, we may be walking up to Joanne's house (a friend who lives in our neighborhood) and invading. :)


Lori said...

Glad you got out, you went to my favorite spots! Thank you sending me some finds, you're the best!!

Anonymous said...

Another fun day! You were brave to venture out, but I also know that cabin fever can hit HARD! "I've discovered that if you follow anything by the word party, Sophia gets super excited about it." I am gonna start doing that for sure! I'm also going to make a trip back to Teacher's Tools for the dot paint. Thanks for the tip!

Michelle Langley said...

Look at you! I feel like a bad mom for not having a more crafty and organized day! Love it!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I wanna be snowed in at th eKaminski house! What fun- I need that brush kit for my kids- very fun. Thanks for posting pics of my old stomping grounds- i really like the foutain pic!