Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Family Party

What a great birthday week! I'll post on that later but I wanted to do a separate post on my family party. First of all, my parent's babysat on Friday night and kept her until we arrived for my party around 3 pm on Saturday. What a great gift of freedom! I love my life and family but sometimes you just need a break.
So when Russell showed up at my parent's house for my b-day celebration, we couldn't wait to see Sophia. But she was asleep. So we had to wait. And she actually slept in a regular bed overnight and for her nap, successfully. Yea!
My sister Robin and her family recently went to Disney World and brought Sophia this Tinkerbell wand, which she adores.

Unfortunately, my sister Amy and her family couldn't make the party because of the flu. We thank her for staying home but missed them. Just wasn't the same.

But we still managed to have fun!

Come on Tim! Give me a hug!

Of course my birthday involved pj's and scrapbooking. I'm up to July.

My mom made pepper steak and rice (basically it's beef tips with bell peppers in a brown gravy mix served over rice) and a chocolate cake.
Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

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Allison said...

Sounds yummy and looks like a good time! Glad you enjoyed your birthday week!!