Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4

So this morning we woke up to a blanket of snow. Snow!!!!

But Russell needed to head out to get a prescription filled, so out we went. After a trip to CVS, we headed to our home away from home, Target, to wait for it to be filled.
So mama got 2 days in a row worth of Starbucks. YUM!!!

Just liked the way the snow fell on the windshield as we were leaving. And yes, it was continuing to snow.

I actually got in one picture!
So after we arrived back home, it was time to unpack our Target finds.
These magnetic numbers in the dollar bin combined with a dollar store cookie sheet that we already had on hand = loads of entertainment for Sophia.

And these rain boots we picked up....Sophia couldn't wait to put them on and didn't want to take them off.

I, of course, found a few books to add to my pile.

We had a little snack before we went outside to play.

And we had a popcorn party, complete with these cute popcorn holders we got at Target. They just make it seem more official.

Then we went outside.

Sophia opted for sunglasses because it was so bright out there.

Yep, almost 5 inches. Probably more. Don't know how reliable these rain gages are with snow.

Sophia trying to make a snow ball to throw at her dad.

And of course, she had to taste it.

Check out the icicle!

The it was time for snow angels!

As I said before, Sophia didnot want to take off her new boots. So after we came inside, we dried them off so she could wear them.

And more fun with the magnetic board.

Then it was dress up time. Of course she kept the boots on. What princess doesn't need a set of froggy rain boots?

Then we played with Tinkerbell domino set she got at the bargain bin at Target.

Then it was nap time! For everyone!
And what did mama do throughout these 4 days??? Ironed!! I was getting stuff ready to sale for March. I got my maternity clothes finished and Sophia's 0-6 months clothes ready.

For dinner, Russell made nachos. YUM!!!!

Sophia was pretty excited.

Right now, we're watching her shows and relaxing.
I'm really glad we got a good snow out of this! What a way to cap off a crazy week! It's going to be so hard to go back on Monday! But I'm ready for our regular routine.


Anonymous said...

I love the close ups of Sophia with her hands on her face! Precious and priceless! And what a diva in her sunglasses and frog boots. I just adore that little girl!

Allison said...

Nice ensemble today complete with sunglassess! I just love sunglasses. Emily needs those Tinkerbell dominoes - although "needs" is being used quite liberally here. Love our Target popcorn containers too. :)