Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Birthday Week

A lot of people ask what a birthday week entails. With my family, it means total reign for the week.
I ended up taking down our Valentine's decor and putting up our St. Patrick's Day decor ( I'm always up for a good holiday). Pics to be posted later.

It means really great desserts. My friend Patti made a chocolate sheath cake for my celebration at school. My mom made a chocolate cake for my family party.

And Russell got chocolate mousse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. YUM!

It means not having to plan menus, grocery shop or cook. Or do dishes. But it does involve picking your favorite foods for Russell to cook or buy.
Cabbage Rolls! That's what we're having tonight. It's basically a meatball, rolled up in a piece of cabbage and slow cooked with tomato sauce. May sound gross but it's yummy!

It also means calling in some favors for hanging things. And he can't complain.

It means a great family party!
It also means not having bath duty for the whole week. And you get to pick all the shows/movies we watch for the week.
What it doesn't mean....laundry. We still do our own, no matter what.

It was a fabulous birthday week! Especially considering that last year around this time, I was coughing up a lung and soon was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia.
What a difference a year can make!


Anonymous said...

Birthday week sounds fabulous!!! And your window frame looks perfect. Happy birthday, sister!

Allison said...

Birthday week sounds FABULOUS!!! Sorry it is over... Will have to work that one out for myself. ;)