Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Our Super Bowl Sunday started off no different than the rest. Ads, coupon clipping, running and Sophia kept begging for an ice cream party. I set the timer and told her when it went off, we'd have one. So after I got from running, it went off and we had an ice cream party. FYI, moms, I suggest keeping sprinkles in your stash somewhere. Apparently, they make buttered pecan edible.

After nap time, we had a popcorn party. Sophia loves the kettle corn.

For an appetizer, I made an artichoke dip from a new cookbook I got. It was yummy!

We had rib eyes. YUM!!!!

And bacon wrapped shrimp. Some people wrap in prosciutto but I prefer bacon for the smokey flavor and crispiness. Reminds me of the kind I can get at Pappasitos.

Had to include this pic of the outfit Sophia picked out for today. First of all, she wanted to wear a dress and tights. And secondly, she didn't want to wear the outfit I had picked out (it wouldn't load, but it was a perfectly nice outfit).

Of course she's watching Max and Ruby (and way too close).
How come there are so few pics you might ask? Because I started working on a mini book for book club. My dining room table is a disaster area of creativity. And I LOVE it!!!!

Happy Super Bowl Day!
Go Packers!!!


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO to the mini book! AND the ice cream party AND the popcorn party. You Kaminskis sure can party! And of course Sophia's going to wear a dress and was a party, after all.

Allison said...

Looks like a fun Super Bowl with lots of yummy food... just the way it should be. I have looked at that recipe a lot and might just have to make it soon. We had a major PW day over here.
Cute pic of Sophia enjoying her popcorn party!