Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chore Chart Update

The chore chart is a hit! Sophia loves it! She must be a task master like her mama. And I'm going to wager that she is going to be a list maker like me as well. As shown on my other blogs, Kaminski's Creations and Perfectly Imperfect, we've been doing it for about 3 weeks now. After much discussion and debate, Russell and I have decided not to pay or reward her for chores. To us, there are things that are expected of you to do and not get a reward for (thanks for your input Tricia, it helped us decide). But you know what, Sophia is just really excited to move her magnets over. She gets a kick out of it. In fact, some of the "chores" she does without being asked and it's become a habit now.

As far as managing money, which is why we considered paying her for chores in the first place, we plan on giving her an allowance and teaching her to save, spend and donate as she gets older.


kristy said...

I am so excited it is working and she likes it. I agree 100% about paying them. I saw a girl who has "chores" and "penny Jobs" Chores are responsibilty and jobs are what we do for extra money. Her kids get a penny for any extra jobs and they have an old fashion bubble gum machine- so when the earn their penny they can save it, give it away. or spend on the gum :)

Anonymous said...

If I had a chore chart that was this cute, maybe I wouldn't mind housekeeping so much. I love it!