Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Perfect Weekend

On Saturday, we cleaned all morning (not fun, but it needed it and it felt good after it was all over). Russell didn't have to mow so he HELPED ALOT!
 I had enough time to add my newly made tags to my blocks on the mantel ( a class taken last weekend).

I even had time for a new creation. I got the idea off of Pinterest.

Sunday morning, we woke up at 8:30 (woot! woot!). Actually it was Russell's turn to sleep in so I got up at 8:30 (I had my sleeping in turn on Saturday morning). I woke up to the sound of rain. A soft, steady rain. It was music to my ears. Well, I woke up to that and "MAMA!!! I'M READY TO GET UP NOW!" over and over. It's so funny to Russell and I. Maybe because I actually remember getting out of bed as a child and shutting my bedroom door and playing quietly. But Sophia WILL NOT get out of her bed. When we try to explain that she can get out of bed to reach for her stuffed animal that fell on the floor, she immediately tells us that she doesn't want daddy to put the bars back up. That was our threat early on, that if she didn't stay in bed, we'd put the crib bars back in. And she still remembers that. I wonder what will happen once we get her big girl bed??? I can only imagine.

Back to my magical morning, when I went in to get Sophia, she came out and started saying things like, "Mom, how come my grocery cart is out? Why are my puzzles out? They're my chores and they need to get done". Huh??? Russell and I have been really good about the chore chart on the weekdays because it's routine but our weekends are kinda loose, go with the flow, usually. So we forget the chore chart. But Sophia remembered. Made me so proud.

So we had a totally lazy, relaxed morning and then headed out in the rain to do a few errands. Sophia was totally prepared! Goulashes and all!

Notice the snowflake leggings under there. Actually, you're not getting the complete picture. Dang! Why didn't I make her open up her raincoat so you could see the sundress. You can see it poking out underneath the raincoat. Sophia is under the impression that if it has a little pink in it, it matches and that mixing MANY patterns is a desirable thing. I actually LOVE this because it makes me laugh. She is such a funny girl! Love her!

And the greatest part about the weekend is that it rained all day on Sunday (not good for the Rangers) and the Rangers won their first game in this series! And the Aggies beat Tech!!!! Oh wait! The greatest part about this weekend is that I have tomorrow off! Yep! Gotta love Christopher Columbus!


Dina said...

I LOVE Sophia's outfit. I do not love that the Aggies beat Tech! Booooo

Allison said...

CUTE blocks!! Glad you had a great weekend. Sophia looks fabulous and I laughed at her being worried about the bars going back up. Hey, you got through to her on that one!

kristy said...

I do not even know where to start... cute blocks, cute monogram, and even cutier Sophia ready to play in the rain!!

Anonymous said...

Your spooky letters are so cute, and Sophia's even cuter!
Gig 'em!