Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch! Yes!

Good gravy Marie! I just knew these pics were going to be out of order. I interrupted the download cause it was so slow...Oh well. All you really need to know is that we went to the Hall-Johnson Rd Pumpkin Patch on Saturday with the Hardens (to make up for the pumpkin patch Sophia had to miss last week due to strep).
Here's snack time....

Here's Sophia playing while she should have been in line to sit on the tractor. She threw a wall-eyed fit because she wanted to get on the tractor next. But she hadn't been waiting in line. She didn't get the concept.

Here we are acting goofy!

 No glass!!!

For some reason, Sophia got upset because someone "took" the pumpkin she wanted. So we found another one and she still wasn't really happy about it.

Sophia wanted to go find the animals.

See, these pics below were supposed to be at the top. This was the first time we went. She was about 16 months.

Sophia and Atticus really enjoyed the playground.

Then we entered the corn maze.

Sophia looks a little possessed here.
We actually found our way out this time!
It was a fun time!


Allison said...

Cute. Love the old photos... can't believe her little round face! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

What great flashback photos! Can't get over her hair! As always, we had a fun time with the Kaminskis. Thanks again for inviting us along!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

How fun! I love seeing the old photos!!