Sunday, January 29, 2012

What A Clown!!!

I knew I was forgetting to do something....I have no pics of our visit with Nana and Paw-Paw today. We went out to lunch and then they watched her while we went shopping and worked around the house. 
So these pics are from earlier in the week. I was going through Sophia's 2 and 3T clothes for the next JBS sale and we found her snowman hat (which isn't too small, we had just put it away last spring and really haven't needed a hat yet). The hat was made by Kelly, eldest daughter to my friend Donna. And of course, Sophia loves the hat too! In fact, she demanded to wear it during nap time and to bed. Here she is clowning around.....

Not wanting to be out done, Russell got his favorite hat too!
What clowns!!!!


kristy said...

Aw, cute!

Anonymous said...

They are BOTH clowns!

Anonymous said...

Sophia looks a lot like you did at that age in several of those pics. Love 'em.