Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Friday Night Adventure...a.k.a. Fun With the Hardena

Our Friday night started off with us getting to watch Atticus in action at his "ninja class"....Tae Kwan Do. Sophia calls it ninja class. It was really cool. In fact, we've been trying to get Sophia to try to take a class but I think she was a little intimidated. If she ends up taking the classes, Russell will have to take her in the beginning. He's more no nonsense and won't put up with her crying. I on the other will want to hold and calm her. I'm just not good with seeing people cry/or being unhappy. No pics of the happened so fast and I didn't want to distract the ninjas.

Then it was off to the truck park which is behind the Montgomery Wards building off of 7th. We'd never been and had never even heard of it until the Hardens. But they have these food trucks lined up that make some yummy foods, as you order. They have picnic tables you can sit at but we brought blankets and sheets to set out on the lawn...for our own picnic space, so the kiddos could run around.

And run  around they did! It was great!

In fact we had a really hard time getting the kids to eat. So Tri had the fabulous idea of setting a timer. Before they could go play, they had to sit for X number of minutes and eat. Then they could run and play.

Those kids watched the timer like a hawk!

It was a beautiful night with gorgeous weather!

Then it was off the Sweet Sammies......where I think we all went into a little diabetic coma. Basically it's homemade cookies, made there, sandwiched between your choice of Blue Bell ice cream. So yummmy!!! And Apollo took us to the perfect spot to eat our ice cream. The Movie Tavern 3rd floor off of 7th. Such a beautiful view, great company and yummy treats!

And then it was off to the Ft. Worth Water Gardens. I hadn't been their since my sophomore year in high school (circa 89-90).

I just want SOME of their energy...that's all...just a smidge. 
It was a super fun adventure!!!! Thanks Hardens!!!


Allison said...

That sure looks and sounds like a fun adventure!! I want to eat some of that yummy food too!

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun-filled night! I'm so happy we got it together and I can't wait to do it again!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

What a great date!! I love the food trucks... what did you eat?