Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Exactly is a Birthday Week?

A lot of people ask me what a birthday week is. So I thought I'd show you. It might mean....
that you choose a Spiderman pop tart for your snack (not a normal occurrence over here).

It might mean that you choose to eat Princess Spaghetti-o's for dinner.

It might mean that you get to pick some of mom's scrapbook paper to use for your art projects.

It might mean you get to stay up past your bed time to make art.

And this year, it might mean that you're finally getting your big girl bed. This not Sophia's bedroom. I wish she'd let me paint it grey. But right now, the bed is sitting in the garage, just waiting to be put together.

So there you have it folks. Good thing birthday weeks only happen once a year. This one is really wearing me out!


Dina said...

I love birthday weeks! Sometimes I stretch mine even longer. And I LOVE that bed!

Allison said...

Birthday weeks are awesome! And so is that bed!

Meg said...

YEOWZAAA! Cool bed!
Happy birthday week continuing!

Anonymous said...

Is that really her new bed?! I love it!!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Happy, happy birthday week!!