Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swim Class Day 3

For swim class day 3, Sophia was even more willing to go under the water to dive for pool toys.

Pretty much the same routine as day 2.

What cracked me up about today's class was some of her expressions.

Here, Mrs. Anita is showing them how to scoop the water out to tread water.

Sophia practicing her scoops. :)

A couple of times, she'd look right at me and say "Mom! Take a picture of me!" as she'd go under water.

And Anita told me that she's floating by herself, she just has her hand under her head to keep her head back. As soon as she removes her hand, Sophia panics and breaks her form.

She'll get it!
What I really like about her taking this swimming class is that it's really giving her some confidence in believing in herself. 


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

so fun! I am glad she in enjoying it! Maybe next summer ya'll will be reaady for a mini vacation to Shiliterbaun... I know of a great B&B... kinda loud and messy but will be free!!

Anonymous said...

She is doing great! So cool!!!