Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

For Christmas Eve Eve, the Kaminski's came over for dinner and we made Christmas cookies (Liz comes from a baker background...her family owned and ran a bakery....and so this is one of her areas of expertise).

I think Sophia's favorite part was the sampling of the goods.

After we made the dough and let it set up for a while in the fridge, we were able to get it out and cut the cookies.

Sophia loved cutting the cookies but of course also loved the sampling.

After a few of the cookies had cooled, we let Sophia ice a few. She was chomping at the bit and couldn't wait!

Of course she chose pink.

Of course she added sprinkles.

I mean, of course she added too many sprinkles.

And of course, she loved the sampling.

And more sampling.

And then later, we iced the rest of the cookies.

It was pretty fun! And messy!


Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Yummy and pretty! A perfect recipe for a little artist!

Allison said...

How funny. What a great memory to have with her grandma though!!